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The main goal of this website and the new song is to bring exposure and awareness to the Charities that we support. The main aim is to use the new song as a marketing tool to bring as many people to this website as possible, and then hopefully they will donate to one or all of the Phuket charities directly or help Mark set-up the ‘Phuket Music and ARTs studio’ See full details below.

Apart from the main Orphanages and charities, such as ‘Phuket Has Been Good To Us’ and ‘Phuket Sunshine Village’, we also support animal welfare and conservation charities on the island such as ‘The Gibbon Rehabilitation Center’.

Phuket Charities We Support:

All the companies below are the charities and Orphanages that we support. You can donate and contact directly using the links supplied. We only showcase and bring awareness to these companies and have no involvement in the donation part, but we would appreciate that you mention our website if you donate or contact.

Phuket Has Been Good To Us
Phuket Has Been Good To Us Foundation works to improve the economic and life opportunities of young people, by funding and implementing high quality, practical English language education in government schools on Phuket Island.
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Phuket Sunshine Village
In the aftermath of the the Tsunami that hit Phuket on the 26.12.04, members of the Lions Club of Phuket Andaman Sea decided to be involved in a longer term project to help the victims of the tragedy. Helping Children in need became the main objective of the Club, and the idea of creating a village slowly became to grow.
The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project
The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project (GRP) was set up in 1992 by Mr Noppadol Preuksawan, the chief of the Royal Forest Department in Phuket at that time, Mr. Thavrn Sri-Oon, Bang Pae Sub-Station chief, the Asian Wildlife Fund and an American Zoologist called Terrance Dillon Morin. In 1994 the Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand (WARF) started to support the project, we are now a research division of WARF.
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The ‘Tsunami Day’ Music And Arts Studio Support:

You can also support Mark by donating directly on this site. All donations will go to purchasing instruments and music / arts related items and classes for all schools and Orphanages around Phuket.

Marks main ambition is to have a music studio which is set up to have a cafe/bar type area in the front with open stage where all locals, tourists and musiciansphuket charity from around the world can come to chill, play and listen to great sounds and also to have a studio in the back where all under-privileged children from any charity, school or orphanage on Phuket will have access to study music, to learn some type of instrument or songwriting, dance or the arts to enhance their knowledge, which in-turn will hopefully offer them new paths in life.

My little dream is to hopefully get enough donations from mid September through to Christmas to pay for and set-up the Cafe and studio space and teaching room(s), to buy instrumPhuket Charitiesents and equipment required and then once set up the cafe and recording studio side of things will attract enough guests to hopefully generate enough money to not have to rely on any more donations, and it will generate income on its own.

Obviously for this to happen from the day ‘I’m Coming Home For Christmas’ is released and the marketing has started the clock is ticking. We will have a small 3 month window of opportunity to market the song and idea before Christmas.

Mark says: “The bottom line is that even with all the recordings, the marketing and all the awareness being given to the charities it’s now basically out of my hands. From this point it’s down to IF people visit this website, like what we are trying to do and then take just one minute of their time to help or donate, be it directly to the companies that we support or by donating on this site and help us keep the marketing, the website and to purchase music related items.”

To learn more on how you can help simple go here

If you wish to contact Mark concerning the songs (Licensing), the charity, donation, website or have questions concerning helping out with the Cafe Studio set-up please use the email form below.

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