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Sponsor Us – 2016 Christmas Song

2016 Christmas Song Im Coming Home For Christmas

It’s now November 2016 and all the recording and marketing process is done, except for marketing the International radio stations and some other local Phuket marketing.

In the end Mark found 4 sponsors that were kind enough to help, and it helped pay for a lot of the recording. Mark then had to find the rest of the money to finish off the song and for the promotion but it’s all done now. As the saying goes “If there’s a will….”.

Saying this there’s still a lot to do and server fees to pay so any help will be welcome.

Below you can read about the set-up process.

Set Up Process:

Up-Date (29th July): Sponsors. Please look at the advertising you receive!
Up-Date (30th July): Deadline extended to until the song is recorded, which will be around the 15th/20th of Aug.
Up-Date (30th July): New sponsors benefit added. See below.
Up-Date (2nd Aug): We have 3 sponsors now. We need 5+ more
Up-Date (4th Aug): The song guide recording process has started. The guide is for the session musicians (Percussion, base etc) to follow while they record in the studio, and the most important part of the song to get the timing, key and structure right. This will take around a week to record the guide.
Up-Date (6th Aug): We have 4 sponsors now. We need 4+ more
Up-Date (7th Aug): The song guide is done and I am recording it correctly on Saturday at the studio. Then hopefully on the following Tuesday to the studio again to record the basics (Drums/Base).
Up-Date (14th Aug): Yesterday I went to the studio and studio recorded the demo guitar guide structure, tempo + added a basic vocal so the percussionist/base guitarist can follow in the next session when they record. The next recording date should be on Tuesday the 16th, but I am waiting now for confirmation from the session players and then studio.
Up-Date (18th Aug): Yesterday I went to the studio and studio recorded the drums and base + added a another basic vocal/more guitar guides. The base and drums are now done. This is taking a bit longer than expected and I still need to add X2 guitar (Lead and Rhythm), Brass section and keyboard and the final take on the vocals. The next recording session should be on the 22nd of August so in my view the song will be finished around the 26th/27th
Up-Date (18th Aug): I am still sort of 3/4 sponsors!
Up-Date (18th Aug): Just added a few photo’s of the recording process so far. View here
Up-Date (25th Aug): Due to the musicians are busy and the studio is booked I now can not get to the studio and record the guitars and keyboards until Tuesday the 30th, which is a real pain but there’s nothing that I can do.
Up-Date (30th Aug): I have just booked the studio for Friday and again on Sunday the 4th. I am hoping that everything will be recorded and no more studio sessions will be needed.
Up-Date (2nd Sept, 2016): Today we added the guitars and it’s coming together. On Sunday I will record the final vocals, any backing vocals and the keyboards, brass section and Christmas like bells (It is a Christmas song after all). Then that’s hopefully it.
Up-Date (4th Sept, 2016): Today we added the brass, bells, piano and organ + recorded the vocals. Now, even though my vocal is OK its simply not good enough, and in my mind we will loose marketing and potential donators just for this reason. Due to I want the best possible vocal quality I have decided to bring in a pro female session vocalist, which will take 3/4 more days to record, once more to the studio and more money but I am happy to do this. So, now the song will be ready by Friday the 9th.

After the 10th, or when I get the final re-mixed/mastered copy of the song, the promotion will start with the 1,000+ news PR articles send out to major news and article directories + then the article promo and emails to over 1,000 travel bloggers/music magazines and blogs. The song will also be advertised on over 20+ top digital download sites including companies such as: iTunes, AmazonMP3, You Tube Music, Google Play, Spotify and Apple Music to name a few. All advertising outlets will act as a gateway to this website, the sponsors and the Charity.

Over the coming month the song with also be sent to my database of 5,000 radio stations, record labels, added to the ‘Phuket News’ and requests made to local website owners to add a banner to their websites.

If you wish to contact Mark about the site or the licensing please use this email:

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