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Phuket Radio Stations

 Phuket Radio Stations. The song, Tsunami Day, is now online and ready for download.

Below we are listing all both local Phuket Radio Stations and International radio stations who will or have kindly played and promoted the Tsunami Day song and the ‘Phuket Has Been To Us’  Charity.
The Phuket News Radio – LIVE 89.5
Live online music, news and interviews 24 hours a day. Class Act Media are supporting the Tsunami Day song and Charity using a ll our media outlets..
91.5FM. Phuket FM Radio, Music, News, Weather, Events Phuket.
91.5FM. Phuket FM Radio, Music, News, Weather, Events Phuket.
Phuket FM Radio, 91.5 FM, BBC News, Phuket Weather, Hotels, Internet Radio, Phuket News, Events, Tourist Information, FM Radio online from Phuket Thailand. “Phuket Island Radio Co Ltd are delighted to offer this awesome initiative
airtime and wish Mark and PHBGTU every success”
KLAV 1230 AM - Las Vegas, NV - Business Services - Facebook KLAV 1230 AM – Las Vegas, NV
KLAV 1230 AM, Las Vegas, NV. KLAV 1230 AM is one of the original talk radio stations in the Las Vegas Valley. With our diverse line up of shows and our outstanding staff, we are proud to be the voice of the Las Vegas community and beyond. Listen in to the Denise Bowls show. Every Tuesday @ 7pm. Denise will be doing a Skype interview and playing the Tsunami Day song on Tuesday the 10th of December @ 7pm Las Vegas time. This is 10am Wednesday the 11th Phuket time. Follow the link and have a listen…KLAV 1230 AM

More coming soon……..

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