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Phuket Website Design – SEO And Marketing

Phuket Website Design, SEO And Marketing
Phuket website designers and SEO marketing services

We provide a Phuket website design, maintenance, Phuket website services, site optimization (SEO / SEM), website design and search engine, RSS and Blog submissions service to assist you in up-dating, developing, optimizing and marketing your website, Blog or even face book or promo link etc.

This is a private freelance service for small / medium sized companies on Phuket, Thailand or anywhere in Asia and beyond due to I can operate and offer all services remotely via email, Skype or travel between destinations.

Main Phuket Web Design Focus Points:

NOTE: Use any of our services and we will give 500B, or more if I can afford it, towards buying items needed by our affiliated charities and orphanages on Phuket. This can be from guitars and musical instruments to books, school items and educational trips.


* Do you require word-press coding, virus or plugin help or fixes, general maintenance?
* Do you need help with your website speed or site compression/Cache optimization?
* Are you searching for a quick, quality and cheap mobile friendly website set-up?
* Do you want the best S.E.O, meta tag optimization, search engine/BLOG or directory submissions, quality back links or need your product, service, Hotel/Restaurant promotion link/PR or video to be actually seen?

If  you are thinking ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions then the below 3 main services are for you.

1) NEW WEBSITE DESIGN: Fast and quality mobile friendly word press website basic set-up.


All web companies offering website set up services ONLY offer the basics and no S.E.O or marketing. Prices for the basics normally start from 20,000B and up. We on the other hand offer you all the basics for 17,000B (See new price offer below) + including the extra benefits of having all the S.E.O, the marketing and getting your site indexed in 48 hours done also. On top of this we will also donate 500B per service to our affiliated charities. Makes sense right.


* New one year domain name/hosting package in your name or company.
* Theme of your choice (Not included in price but there are many good, seo/mobile friendly good themes around)
* Up to 5/10 pages added (Example: Home, contact us, product/service page and one Blog post)
* All pages, posts and categories S.E.O optimized
* GMail email and then You tube & G+ channel set-up for Google maps
* Email and web form set-up, which will go to
* Submit your page or site to 700+ search engines, including Google and BING
* If a BLOG/WP site: The Page PINGED to all BLOG directories (Indexed within 48 hours by Google, BING etc)
* RSS feed pinged to all RSS directories.

You’ll be operational and seen in 48 hours of your site being submitted!




If your website or BLOG has coding or plugin issues, has been attacked by those nasty viruses, has coding appearing on the page or you simply need someone to check and fix something on your website then we are here to help.

There is no price tag on this services due to we fist have to look at your website first so simply contact us using the form below and let us know what the problem is.



We are also able to edit your video’s, optimize the meta tags and then set up new accounts, in your name/company and email, and submit your video to 80+ online video social media companies.

Please contact us for full details.

4) SEO: 

I will say from the start that I am not a ‘so say’ SEO professional and I dislike the people that say they are.

SEO is simply common sense and anyone who tells you that they will rank you No1 for a keyword or phrase are either going to use adwords (which you you pay per click), your business or keywords simply has NO completion for the keywords that you wish to rank for or if they say that your site will come up No1 for your company name, then this is pretty obvious anyway.

The bottom line is when it comes to S.E.O there are three main factor to rank and consider.

A) What is your business services or products main competition are. Meaning how many websites are trying to rank which are in the same business genre as your business. The more companies the harder it is.
B) Is your domain name new or old? The older the domain the more the search engine rank it.
C) Are all you pages and scripts optimized for the search engines. This basically means is the meta tags, speed of the site, page/post content all optimized. The short of this is content is King but you must also have all the other items mentions to make it all work for you.

The above are the 3 main considerations when thinking of basic SEO. The rest comes down to time and you.


The next faze is the back links to your site. The short of this is quality over quantity. You may have seen all these sites and people ranting that the more back links the better your website will rank but this is far from the truth. The No1 rule is high quality, high authority and relative genre back links to your site is best. There is also no point in just having thousands of back links in one go. There is a process and it’s a lot better, and less harmful to your website, if you drip-feed over-time. This looks a LOT more natural to the search engines.


There is absolutely no point in having a face book, Google+, You Tube or Linkedin etc if you are not going to up-date or post at least once/twice a week and interact with your circles, friends etc. If you can do this then over time social media marketing will 100% work for you and your business.

The above are the basics of SEO. If you have any question feel free to email me using the form below.


* Website owners that require any website updates including: Addition or Amendment of text, images, links, video’s, pages, photo’s etc on a on-going monthly bases.

* RSS feed generator – RSS feed submission to 70+ RSS directories – BLOG post PING submission to all sites

* Any database extraction from Directories or websites. This can be for collecting emails or business details. This system can also be used for gathering databases for properties, Hotels and companies for adding to websites. Databases can included images, address, email (If shown), descriptions, telephone and any details that are visible. An alternative is URL and email extraction,. Simply meaning that I am able to collect any targeted URLs by Country, County or by Directory and then extract all contact details and emails.

* XML feed and website submissions to the Blog and search engines.


  • Website Photo Video’s and Video Editing: Turn your project – business or websites photos into a video and upload to your own website. Great for uploading and marketing on You Tube etc. Best suited for 50 photos for each video (Included backing song of your choosing).
  • Reports: Full reports of your site. This includes a report for broken links – Amount of URLs – Which pages have the correct meta tags – Search engine submission report and a before/after (2/3 weeks) ranking keyword/keyword fraises report showing you the position / page your link can – or can not – be found on 1/2/3 ++ pages of all aor search engines including: Google (Any Country) – AOL – BING – ASK – MSN – YAHOO – YANDEX etc etc. Example report on request.
  • Social Networking: Classified, Blogs, Face book, Twitter, You Tube and Linkedin set-up and marketing. Plus there’s over 50 more social network sites you can submit to if required
  • RSS Feed Submissions. I can submit your RSS feed / Blog to over 120 RSS directory sites + target submit your articles to relative article directories and other Blog sites.
  • Articles / Blog Posting: Create imaginative SEO targeted articles and post your articles to your Blog – Twitter – Youtube – Google+ etc. This can be also intertwined with Blog submissions on any other Blogs.
  • Up-Dates: On going up-dates and maintenance of your site.
  • Optimization / SEO: Web page optimization and submission so you are seen in the search engines within 3-5 weeks of submission. Submitted to all major search engines, Google, Bing etc. We will submit your home page to over 80 search engines + offer a submission report.
  • Email: Flash email contact form protecting you from SPAM emails.
  • Sitemaps: XML and HTML Sitemap setup and submitted to MSN, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and Google.
  • Email Marketing Service: One of our main services is a email marketing service where I am able to extract emails from ANY Country, County, area or targeted business categories for targeted email promotional campaigns. I am also able to set up a text / html email for the campaign and send out (In Bulk) the promotional email. This can be used as a promotional tool or monthly news letters etc.
  • Banners/Logo’s: Flash rotating banner designs – site logo’s or advertising banners.
  • Search Engine: Adding a fully functional search engines to your site. This can be an internal search engine for only your website pages or it can be a list of external URLs / Websites which you want to be made into a Country / County search engine.
  • Google AdWords, AdSense and Analytic’s
  • PDF optimization, design and submission
  • Search Engine Submission Service

My latest designed, re-designed or edited websites include:,  –  –  – and (Chiang Mai) to name a few……….

If you have any questions or requests please send us me an email using the form below. You can also visit my Linkedin or email me directly using: Thank you

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