Songs and videos recorded on Phuket, Thailand

Phuket Live Music Cafe and Studio


To date (November, 2016) the 'La QingTing' (Meaning 'Dragon Fly' in Chinese) is not open yet, but the idea is blossoming. Mark has already bought the website domain/Hosting ( La QingTing - Live Music Bar, Cafe And Studio, Phuket ), and is now hoping that before Christmas he will (Hopefully) get enough downloads of the song or donation via the PayPal to make this idea come alive, or at least be able to open in early 2017.

It will be great for the kids, great for all musicians and great for travelers and tourists to be able to visit, record or simply just chill.

Here's hoping people download 'I'm Coming Home For Christmas' or donate....


The idea behind 'La QingTing' Live Music Studio is very simple, and that is to be able to fund the venue, and the Children's learning and education in music, by bringing people to the bar/cafe to record, to drink, eat and buy the occasional activity or tour from us.

The Tsunami Day website, the songs and La QingTing Live Music Cafe will hopefully get the best exposure as possible through the songs promotion and advertising to International radio stations, newspapers, article directories and travel and music Bloggers and in-turn, and over time, this will hopefully keep La QingTing alive and well. 

It really is the simple...


Besides the normal bar and cafe beverages, great coffee, snacks, food aLa QingTing - Bangtao Live Music Bar, Cafe and Pub On Phuketnd service with a smile the 'La QingTing' will host a live open stage and a recording studio for local and International bands and songwriters who wish to holiday and record at the same time. The idea is to also host study/practice rooms which are open to the Children of local Orphanages and schools who wish to study music or learn an instrument, which will be free of charge.

Besides the above we wish to attract local and International musicians and bands to the cafe due to having an open stage, live music, small dance floor and great sounds. We also have a cigar humidifier and assortment of International Cigars and offer activities at discounted prices. La QingTing will be open to all guests wishing to simply chill-out, meet people and chat. We also offer an assortment of board games, hammocks and FREE WIFI. All the above mixed with a chill-out ambience, great music from morning to sunset and live and acoustic open stage concerts and and rock'in music in he evening.

Phuket Live Music Cafe and Studio September 11, 2016