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About ‘I’m Coming Home For Christmas’

Mark wrote and recorded a demo guide of ‘I’m coming home for Christmas’ in 2015 on Phuket and has had the demo guide since then waiting for this opportunity to record one final time. I'm coming home for Christmas

Mark has lived outside of the UK for half his life, the song lyrics are basically about his own feelings about being home for Christmas, which he hasn’t managed to achieve many times during his years living overseas.

The songs genre is the same in style as his last song ’21st Century Girl’ so it’s an up-tempo rock n roll Christmas song using guitars, base, percussion’s, piano and brass section. The song is a lot more commercial for International markets than the ‘Tsunami Day’ song, hopefully giving it far wider exposure.

As with the ‘Tsunami Day’ song ‘I’m Coming Home for Christmas’ will be promoted to thousands of online outlets with a link to this web site. Donation links will feature throughout the Site in order to direct people straight to the Charity website where they can donate. Donations enable the orphanage to purchase everyday classroom items and also musical instruments and items for arts, crafts and activity club.

Recording Process: On the 4th of August, 2016 the recording process started by setting up the basics and guide of the song at the Phuket recording studio then on the 14th of August Mark went to the studio and studio recorded the demo guitar guide structure, tempo aBand At The Phuket Recording-Studiond added a basic vocal for the percussionist/base guitarist to follow during their recording.

The drums and base were added along with another basic vocal by the session musicians on the 18th August. The base and drums were now recorded which all took a bit longer than expected. Which left the X2 guitar (lead and rhythm), brass section and keyboard to be added as well as the final take on the vocals.

Mark then decided to bring in a new female vocalist and then on the 10th they returned to the studio once more and recorded the final vocals and backing.

Over the last few days the song was being mixed and mastered and now (The 13th) Mark has the final mastered copy of the song but he wants to listen to it over and over to make sure the levels are correct, and if not he will adjust before releasing on the 15th of September, 2016.

‘I’m coming home for Christmas‘ will be promoted on this Site and the song will be registered with all known online music download companies such as: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3 and around 70 more music MP3 download companies. A PR will also go out to over 1,000 travel and music bloggers and magazines requesting them to PLEASE promote the song and an email promo will also go out to all businesses and companies on Phuket asking them to kindly promote. The ‘Phuket News’ newspaper will also be helping in the promotion.

After this a PR will go out to over 500 International newspapers and this PR will also be seen on companies such as: FOX, CBS and ABC news etc and over the coming weeks a promo email will gradually be sent out to a database of over 5,000 International radio stations requesting them to kindly play the song and promote the website.

There are a few other marketing options that Mark is looking into now but the above is the main promo angles.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: To keep this website, the marketing for the charities going and to help Mark start the new ‘Phuket music studio, learning center and live music Bar‘ (Which is not open yet) we would really appreciate that you download the new ‘I’m Coming Home For Christmas’ song, or any of Mark’s other songs if you like them. Alternatively, and if you do not download the song but still want to help, please go here and donating using our PayPal. Every penny helps! 🙂

PLAYBACK AND DOWNLOAD: The song clip is now available for listening on the below music player and then hopefully downloading using your own PayPal account or credit card. This is the best way for us due to there’s no middle men/companies taking a %. Alternatively you can download from any online music download site such as: iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify and around 80 more sites. Just search for ‘Mark Hopkins Records’ or ‘2016 Christmas song’ and you’ll find the song on any site.

Please turn up your speakers, listen to the clip and then click ‘Add To Cart‘. All downloads keep this site and the Charity marketing alive. Enjoy!

I’m Coming Home For Christmas

‘I’m Coming Home For Christmas’ was written in 2015 and recorded on Phuket in September, 2016. I have now been living outside of the UK for over half my life ( Around 26 years ) and over the years I have tried numerous times to get home for the Christmas holiday’s to see the family and old friends, but due to life and living abroad is far from a bed of roses when you must work to eat I have only managed it a few times. This basically explains what the song is about. Every Christmas my body is far away but my mind and heart is always at home. Maybe this year 🙂

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Recorded on Phuket in 2014. ’21st Century Girl’

’21st Century Girl’ was first written by Mark in the UK in 2011 but not recorded. Mark carried the demo back to Thailand but then went to live and work in China where he semi recorded the song in a studio in Ningbo, China. It was not Mark returned to Phuket in 2014/2015 that Mark studio recorded it on Phuket.

Price(USD): $1.29

Recorded in the UK in 2011. ‘What Did I Do To Deserve This’

Mark actually wrote this song in the 90’s in Israel and then on his return home to the UK semi recorded in a home recording studio on a 4 track with some local friend who has a Punk band. Mark then left the UK and carried the demo tape (Not memory stick) over to Bali, Indonesia and then Thailand, where he lived for 15 years. It was not until 2011, and after returned back to the UK, that had the funds and chance to finally record.

Price(USD): $1.29

Recorded in the UK in 2011. ‘Only The Brave Carry On’

‘Only The Brave Carry On’ was written and composed in 2010 in the UK and then studio recorded in the UK in 2011. The song is about the thoughts, feelings and demon’s that Mark went through, and is still going through, after the death of his Mother while Mark was living in Israel back in the early 90’s. Normally a call from home is very welcomed, but there’s nothing worse than getting a call from your Dad, a man who you never though would shed a tear, and he is crying over the phone while he tells you that your Mother has just past away. This changed Mark’s life forever…..

Price(USD): $1.29

While you are here please take time to visit the sponsorscharity websites and PLEASE be kind enough to purchase ‘I’m Coming Home For Christmas‘. It’s been a long hard and frustrating road, to say the least, to set all this up so I would truly appreciate it. It’s also a great tune 🙂

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