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I wrote and composed a few songs in the mid 90’s while I was living in Israel/Middle East, when Kibbutzing was fashionable. I actually studio recorded 3 songs in Tel Aviv back in the day but then it was tape masters Mark Hopkins In The Rescording Studioand far from the bells and whistles these so called PC musicians have today. Over time, and through a lot of sleeping on beaches and traveling, the tapes were lost. Many years later my brother came across one of the songs that I mailed to him, but I have not re-recorded it.

I ending up back in the UK after 5 years in Israel but not long after this I got itchy feet again and left to work / live in Bali, Indonesia and then Phuket, Thailand for 16 years. During this time period in Asia I did not pick up a guitar, write any more music or even return to Europe.

It was not until my return home to the UK in 2010 that I decided that I wanted to finally write and record two of my songs so I basically bought a guitar and a Tascam recording studio, recorded the skeleton of the two songs and after bouncing many emails back and forth with a recording studio I ended up studio recording, ‘Only the Brave Carry On’ and ‘What Did I Do To Deserve This’ in 2011. During my time home I actually wrote a further 10 more song, two of which were ‘Tsunami Day’ and ’21st Century Girl’.

Not long after recording I returned to Thailand in November 2011 due to I simply could not find work in the UK. To old allegedly. mark hopkins in chungdu with the pandasA few weeks after landing on Phuket, and getting messed around by my new so say boss, I excepted my first job working in a City named ‘Shenyang’ in China, which is located a few hundred Kl from the North Korean border.  One day it was 30 degrees relaxing on a beach on Phuket and 8 hours later I was welcomed out of the airport in Shenyang at 1am in the morning with -19 degrees. Bit of a shock to say the least. The worst thing was there was no one there to pick me up, I had hardly any money and nobody spoke English. Anyway, that was the start of my 3 year pinball journey back and forth between China and Phuket.

To cut a very long story short I carried my demo recordings with me and after bouncing back to Phuket and then back to China again I ended up in Chengdu (Hence the photo of the Panda) and then after this down to Ningbo. It was while I was living in Ningbo I decided to TRY and record ’21st Century Girl’. Seemed like a great idea at the time but unfortunately it went pear shaped, as most things seemed to while I was in China. The good thing about the recording was that it was a better sounding demo than the one I had so something good came out of it.

It was around 2013 I left China and returned to Phuket, Thailand and with the up-coming 10th Anniversary of the 2004 Tsunami I decided that I must record ‘Tsunami Day’ no matter what so I went through the process of finding a studio, session musicians and sponsors and ‘Tsunami Day’ was studio recorded. In 2014 I also recorded ‘Tsunami Day’ in Thai.

After a few more times back and forth to China I then decided to record ’21st Century Girl’ inMark Hopkins late 2014, early 2015 on Phuket. The recording process was a lot more easier due to I already had contact with the session players and studio. This song was, in my mind, the best I could write and compose and deep down I actually thought that I would have a very good chance in getting the song licensed BUT unfortunately it went nowhere and most of the publishers I contacted simply said that they had no artists to cover the song. Polite way of say ‘No’ in my mind. In truth, and looking back, I did not promote the song as well as I should have. I should have gone for it on my own but past is past and now it’s up to 2016 in my little roller coaster of a life.

After past knock backs and thinking that using publishers and record labels were the way to go I threw away my wishing well and I decided to go for it one last time, but this time to ‘go for it alone’ so in late July 2016 I started the process of recording my new song ‘I’m coming home for Christmas’.

Once again I had no money, I could not pay my rent and basically in far from a good situation BUT I had a goal anI'm coming home for Christmasd that was that if I can record this song then I would have a good chance of at least getting downloads if I could do the best marketing. So, I found some sponsors, scraped around to find more funds and finally recorded the song. I even had to sell my Tascam and went a few days without food to get this done. Even after to got hold of the final copy I was still not completely happy with the sound and mixing so due to I needed only the best quality sound I decided to send the tracks to a US music engineer to mix and master.

Now it’s done and the best that I can do. I am now using all my marketing skills to get as many people to the Tsunami Day website to hopefully download the song and also donate to the charities I support.

In the coming week or two the song will be promoted on over 80 video streaming sites, 700 video embed sites, on over 90 digital media download sites, such as iTunes – Amazon MP3 and Spotify etc, have articles on hundreds of news and media sites, a promo will go out to over 7,000 travel and music bloggers requesting them to help promote and finally I will be contacting thousand’s radio stations world-wide requesting air-time with the main goal and aim to get people to this website.

In total I have now studio recorded 8 songs around the world. 3 in Israel. Two of them ‘Only the brave carry on’ and ‘What did I do to deserve this’ were studio recorded in Bristol, UK and the other 3 (Thai and English versions of my song ‘Tsunami Day’, ’21st Century Girl’ and my new song ‘I’m coming home for Christmas’) were studio recorded on Phuket in Thailand. One more if you include my little attempt in Ningbo. Now that I have finished the recording of ‘I’m coming home for Christmas’ I am actually now considering re-mixing my ‘Tsunami Day’ song in the future due to I have never liked the guitar sound. I am thinking to replacing my vocal with another female vocalist for the lead and adding 12 string guitars, which will sound pretty cool. A bit like the acoustic version of ‘Beth’ (Look it up on You Tube). Looking at my situation right now unless I suddenly get a load (Meaning a LOT) of download or some work coming in this is simply not going to happen anytime soon. ‘If there’s a will’ I suppose….

Anyway. That’s my recording world in a nutshell. I am now going to promote both ’21st Century Girl’ and ‘I’m coming home for Christmas’ the best I can and then it’s out on my hands. Right now (5th of October, 2016) I still have a few thousand articles to send out and that’s basically it for the promo side of things. It will then take a month or so for all the marketing to kick.

Now my mind is all over the place but the cells which are left are set on finding the money to pay all my bills, finding some work outside of Thailand and leaving here. New pastures, experience and maybe a new song.

Thanks for reading.

Best wishes,


Below are four studio recorded songs written, composed and recorded by me. Enjoy!

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Please turn up your speakers, listen to the clip and then click ‘Add To Cart‘. All downloads keep this site and the Charity marketing alive. Enjoy!

I’m Coming Home For Christmas

‘I’m Coming Home For Christmas’ was written in 2015 and recorded on Phuket in September, 2016. I have now been living outside of the UK for over half my life ( Around 26 years ) and over the years I have tried numerous times to get home for the Christmas holiday’s to see the family and old friends, but due to life and living abroad is far from a bed of roses when you must work to eat I have only managed it a few times. This basically explains what the song is about. Every Christmas my body is far away but my mind and heart is always at home. Maybe this year 🙂

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Recorded on Phuket in 2014. ’21st Century Girl’

’21st Century Girl’ was first written by Mark in the UK in 2011 but not recorded. Mark carried the demo back to Thailand but then went to live and work in China where he semi recorded the song in a studio in Ningbo, China. It was not Mark returned to Phuket in 2014/2015 that Mark studio recorded it on Phuket.

Price(USD): $1.29

Recorded in the UK in 2011. ‘What Did I Do To Deserve This’

Mark actually wrote this song in the 90’s in Israel and then on his return home to the UK semi recorded in a home recording studio on a 4 track with some local friend who has a Punk band. Mark then left the UK and carried the demo tape (Not memory stick) over to Bali, Indonesia and then Thailand, where he lived for 15 years. It was not until 2011, and after returned back to the UK, that had the funds and chance to finally record.

Price(USD): $1.29

Recorded in the UK in 2011. ‘Only The Brave Carry On’

‘Only The Brave Carry On’ was written and composed in 2010 in the UK and then studio recorded in the UK in 2011. The song is about the thoughts, feelings and demon’s that Mark went through, and is still going through, after the death of his Mother while Mark was living in Israel back in the early 90’s. Normally a call from home is very welcomed, but there’s nothing worse than getting a call from your Dad, a man who you never though would shed a tear, and he is crying over the phone while he tells you that your Mother has just past away. This changed Mark’s life forever…..

Price(USD): $1.29

While you are here please take time to visit the sponsorscharity websites and PLEASE be kind enough to purchase ‘I’m Coming Home For Christmas‘. It’s been a long hard and frustrating road, to say the least, to set all this up so I would truly appreciate it. It’s also a great tune 🙂

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