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I’m Coming Home For Christmas

I'm coming home for Christmas by mark Hopkins

‘I’m coming home for Christmas’ was written, composed and then studio recorded on Phuket by songwriter ‘Mark Hopkins’

The songs genre is an up-tempo Rock/POP type of song and consists of 8 separate tracks. Even though ‘I’m Coming Home For Christmas’ was studio recorded on Phuket, Thailand the mixing, engineering and mastering was done in the USA due to Mark wanted the best result and sound quality.

The main goal of recording ‘I’m Coming Home For Christmas’ is to bring exposure and awareness to the Phuket Charities and to a new Phuket music studio / learning center which Mark is trying to set up by way of numerous music related marketing angles. The main aim to bring as many people to the ‘Tsunami Day’ website as possible, and then hopefully in-turn they will be kind enough to donate to one or all of the Phuket charities, to download the song or use any of the services, all of which help keep this website and the charity marketing alive.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: To keep this website, the marketing for the charities going and to help Mark start the new ‘Phuket music studio, learning center and live music Bar‘ (Which is not open yet) we would really appreciate that you download the new ‘I’m Coming Home For Christmas’ song, or any of Mark’s other songs if you like them. Alternatively, and if you do not download the song but still want to help, please go here and donating using our PayPal. Every penny helps! 🙂

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Please turn up your speakers, listen to the clip and then click ‘Add To Cart‘. All downloads keep this site and the Charity marketing alive. Enjoy!

I’m Coming Home For Christmas

Mark has now been living outside of the UK for half his life, and over the years he has tried numerous times to get home for the Christmas holiday’s to see the family and friends, but due to life and living abroad is far from a bed of roses at time he has only managed it a few times in 25+ years. This basically explains what the song is about. Maybe this year 🙂

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Recorded on Phuket in 2014. ’21st Century Girl’

’21st Century Girl’ was first written by Mark in the UK in 2011 but not recorded. Mark carried the demo back to Thailand but then went to live and work in China where he semi recorded the song in a studio in Ningbo, China. It was not until Mark returned to Phuket in 2014/2015 that Mark studio recorded it on Phuket.

Price(USD): $1.29

Recorded in the UK in 2011. ‘What Did I Do To Deserve This’

Mark actually wrote this song in the 90’s while he was kibitzing in Israel, and then on his return home to the UK he semi recorded the song on a 4 track with some local friends who had a Punk band. Mark then left the UK and carried the demo tape (Not memory stick) over to Bali, Indonesia and then Thailand, where he lived for 15 years. It was not until 2010/2011, and after returned back to the UK, that he finally had the funds to finally record.

Price(USD): $1.29

Recorded in the UK in 2011. ‘Only The Brave Carry On’

‘Only The Brave Carry On’ was written and composed in 2010 in the UK and then studio recorded in the UK in 2011. The song is about the thoughts, feelings and demon’s that Mark went through, and is still going through, after the death of his Mother while Mark was living in Israel back in the early 90’s. Normally a call from home is very welcomed, but there’s nothing worse than getting a call from your Dad, a man who you never though would shed a tear, listening to him cry over the phone while he tells you that your Mother has just past away. This changed Mark’s life forever…..

Price(USD): $1.29

While you are here please take time to visit the sponsorscharity websites and PLEASE be kind enough to purchase ‘I’m Coming Home For Christmas‘. It’s been a long hard and frustrating road, to say the least, to set all this up so I would truly appreciate it. It’s also a great tune 🙂

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